Moscow City

Moscow International Business Center

The total area of office, hotel, trade and recreational components extends over 3.5 million square meters
across the Moscow-City’s 60-hectare land. MIBC Moscow-City will function as the center for the business
and administrative activities of Moscow whilst the old city center, with its historic appeal, is planned
as a zone of culture and tourism.

With full access to Moscow City’s extensive range of amenities, tenants will benefit from a convenient transport system and a shopping mall in upscale business premises.

This outstanding array of features makes the Naberezhnaya Tower Complex the compelling choice for any leading international or Russian business.

MIBC is located at the junction of the Third Transport Ring and Presnenskaya embankment. Situated on the riverside, the Naberezhnaya Tower shows a spectacular panoramic view of center of Moscow across the Moscow River. The location is rapidly turning into the new business capital of Russia.

Proximity of The Third Transport Ring, Kutuzovsky Avenue, Leningradskoye and Kievskoe Highways makes it easy to reach the Kremlin, the Federal Government House of Russia, the Moscow Government Building, Expocenter, as well as Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo Airports.

The office premises are designed and equipped taking into consideration the premium standards that will most properly fit with the needs of the tenants. The office spaces can easily be redesigned and modified as per the requirements of each individual tenant.

Through flexible floor plate design and spacious floor to ceiling height, Naberezhnaya Tower will definitely provide you with the most appropriate and comfortable solution for the arrangement of your office premises, with a spectacularly low loss factor in usable office area.

Outstanding specialists, world-famous designers and bureaus of architecture, high quality management companies were involved in the MIBC project. An up-to-date technology, the best engineering and designing solutions, expensive and quality fit-outs were used in creating each object. All these things make the Moscow City center a remarkable and superb project indeed not only for the capital, but also all Europe. Hence this place is full of comfort and luxury, business and entertainments, coziness and vibrant life of the big city.